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HR Consulting/SAP


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As IT and Human Resource Management (HRM) specialists we understand "companies as the whole of their organizational processes".
These processes are working together on different levels to reach the intended organizaitonal goals.

HR Core Functions:

  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Organizational Management
  • Time Management
  • Legal Reporting

With our HR Consulting Services we support companies especially the HR and EDP departments with the core functions of Human Resource Management.

It is the aim to reach a reliable basis of information for the management about all employees through a data management system with coordinated content.

There are still many manual tasks in todays company HR process environments. Great optimization potentials lay in the improvement of organisational processes and the mechanical realization of certain methods in use. Especially since the HRM divisions are the "knot" of the company communication routes, an organization wide increase in effectivness through an integrated EDP System could be realized.


CiMAP Consulting is specialized in the SAP R2/R3 HRM EDP System. Since many years we are implementing and taking care of our international customers, which are using or would like to change to these EDP systems.

If you are using another EDP System, we can consult you in what ways you can improve your existing HRM System or how an EDP System change could look like. In any case our aim is to find and create the optimal solution for your individual challenges and fields of application, implement the solution and arrive at a successful productive system.

Should you have one of the following EDP Systems in use, we can support you through our cooperation partners:

Whether you like to outsource your HRM system partially or in whole, bring an outsourced HR system back into your company, or build up a totally new Human Resource Managment System, we are your consulting and realization partner.

If you would like to integrate foreign subsidiaries into your company wide HRM information- and payroll systems, we can support you in cooperation with our local service partners. Contact us.


Overview Process Links&Downloads


Our latest Service Offering:

  • 8 hour analysis of your EDP supported HR tasks
    Goal: Increase in productivity of the HR tasks
    Result: Optimization plan
  • Change Management, Re-Customizing (adjustment) and extension of productive HRM modules
    Goal: Error correction, interface to other internal and external systems, system check after release changes and implementation of a Change Management System, realization of new or changed company and/or legal regulations
    Result: Verified and stable productive systems
  • Rollout Implementation of an entire HRM System or single HRM modules
    Goal: Analyzing company requirements and adjusting the functions of the EDP system, primary project mangement (Time and cost planning, agreement and coordination of external and internal partners about company resources, education plan, etc.)
    Result: Start-up plan
  • Realization of an HRM System or new modules
    Goal: Customizing and programming realization, integration with internal and/or external systems, testing in productive environment, "going live" coordination with the productive system.
    Result: Productive system "ready to go"
  • Coaching, Education in HRM functionalities and process documentation
    Goal: Education planning and realizaiton, creation of working process supported online documentaitons, personal training for HR Managers, HRM administration staff, special user groups and employees at the system basis.
    Result: Secure and reliable operation of certain system tasks within an integrated overall system.

System based add-ons

  • Access authority to EDP system environments
    • Access to orgnizational structures
    • Access to role based duties of a job
    • Structural authorization
    • Access to company networks
  • IT Security
  • Processes and method auditing

Realized Projects (excerpt)

  • Implementation of an entire HRM System
    • Business Process Design
    • Take over of master- and payroll data from former systems, supply of subsystems
    • Verification and authorization of false payroll statements
    • Conception and realization of a Time Management System including access control
    • Automized integration of time wage into payroll systems
    • Management information system for time management and und resource scheduling
    • Company organization to improve internal communication strucutres and internal registration
  • Redesign and Maintenance of a Time Management System including process optimization
  • Replacement of old HRM systems and organizational integration in new solutions
  • Creating and realizing of authorization concepts in company network
  • Creating an IT Revision concept for CPAs.

Business sectors of our clients

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Chemical Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Energy Sector
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Biotec Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Food industry
  • Airline Industry
  • Tourist Industry
  • Management Consulting
  • Public Transport


Overview Process Links&Downloads

Our partners for Time Recording Systems and Access Control

Our partners for Network and IT Security
We are creating company wide concepts, which regulate the technical aspects of accessing applications in an IT environment. We are working very close together with our coopaeration partners to arrive at the technical details and realization:

Our partners for Interfaces and Special Solutions

Our partners for Risk Management and Insurance


HRM today needs a wide network of competences.
We have prepared ouselves to this situation and can therefore be a central contact point. On what basis do you want to come in contact?

Further information can be found in the HR Knowledge Warehouse at: (German).

Get support for your HRM projects now!

8 hour Analysis of your EDP supported HR tasks
Re-Customizing (adjustment) and extensionn of existing productive HRM modules
Rollout Implementation of an entire HRM System or single HRM modules
Realization of an HRM System or new modules
Education in HRM functionalities and process documentation




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